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We offer free online financial planning and freedom from money worries for millions of people.

We offer free online financial planning and freedom from money worries for millions of people.

Personalized & Tax Optimized

The highest quality financial planning in the world is now available. Create the most tax-optimized personal plan leveraging built-in artificial intelligence, state of the art algorithms and ongoing machine learning. We help you focus on your goals and eliminate complexity, all calculated into a simple monthly contribution.

Debt Analysis

WealthyPlanet has created the first life tools to assess the cost of short-term and long-term debt and their effect on your financial priorities. Our plan will save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments.

Why It Matters

Canada’s 100,000 financial advisors are ignoring over 99% of the population. It takes them between ten and thirty hours to create a proper financial plan, which is only cost effective for their most affluent clients.

As a result, most Canadians do not have the comprehensive financial plan necessary to achieve their life and family goals.

Our unique algorithms assess taxes, debts, investments, and insurance to show you the big picture, so you can put more money into your plan and in your pocket.

WealthyPlanet financial life coaches are available one-on-one, live through our app by video or phone. They are not on commission, so they can focus on helping optimize your plan to reach your goals.

How It Works

  1. Watch our video explainer [Coming Soon]

  2. Answer 30 to 40 adaptive questions, less than 10 seconds each

  3. Book an online appointment to discuss your full plan

  4. Implement your plan and start saving for your priorities

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